Social Media Training eBootcamp

The least expensive way for a quick tutorial and start up guide to Social Media basics is to purchase our book; "Social Media GPS: A Practical Guide to Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for the Small Business Owner"

But maybe you’re not a book person, or have a touch of ADHD (yep, we have heard that before), or you just need handholding, or visual training. Then this program is for you.

With Our Social Media Training Library You will learn

  • The big "secret" to why social media works and how you can implement it.
  • What your target market responds and shares
  • What social networks work best for your niche
  • How to avoid wasting time on social media by sticking to business (and not pictures of dogs or your friends babies)
  • How often you need to post on social media sites - and what time of day works best for you.
  • How to take advantage of Facebook "Apps" for businesses (or how to let people BUY directly from your Facebook Page)
  • How to use Facebook Offers (If you are one of the lucky in the beta test group)
  • How to integrate your email marketing with your social strategy
  • How to utilize Pinterest... and to learn if Pinterest is appropriate for your business.
  • How to consistently create content (blogs, videos, pictures, and infographics)
  • What is an Infographic why are they so popular
  • The basics of Twitter and why/how it can drive traffic to your website
  • How to create different content (or posts) for the different Social Channels
  • How Twitter users are different than Facebook Users
  • What LinkedIn Groups fit best into your social media strategy?

How do we do it?

You will have access to our Webinars, Marketing Help Desk (think Tech support tickets, except for marketing questions!), downloadable checklists and worksheets, one-on-one screen share tutorial sessions (varies based on membership level).

Our eCoaching/Inner Circle program is designed so that you can make your own pace in learning our eight step marketing system. Inner Circle subscribers will have access to weekly topical webinars, a marketing “help-desk” (think tech support, but for all your marketing questions), applicable training and coaching calls, tutorials and videos teaching them many marketing tactics such as; how to write a marketing plan, how to write a business plan, how to use software like WordPress or Joomla, how to develop their Unique Selling Point, how to create the Irresistible Offer and email Marketing Basics.

As a Member of our eCoaching/Inner Circle program you get:

  • Expert feedback
  • Biweekly action updates
  • Multimedia training library
  • Access on Mac, PC or mobile
  • Social media, branding, and marketing “to-do” checklists and Worksheets
  • Discounts on Graphic Design and Website Implementation
  • Discounts on (Ghost Written) Content Creation
  • Discounts on our Marketplace Roadmap Marketing Audit
  • Social Media Basic Training

Remember our inner circle program is a monthly subscription with no long term commitments. You can cancel at any time – or hit the “Eject” button, when you get too busy to manage all of your marketing campaigns.

You can walk through our training “course” at your pace – you can even jump around from topic to topic, based on areas that you feel are more necessary for your learning curve.

REAL PRICES ARE COMING SOON! But they will start at $50 a month!