Social Media Platform Setup

This is built for those that are either technically challenged or lazy (we don’t care and do not ask which category you are in!). These are very basic account set up (with a little graphic design thrown in) services.  (Note: that  setting up social media accounts is NOT social media marketing) However, all of our account set up services are automatically thrown in for FREE to our Social Media Marketing Campaign clients that happen to need it!  All Clients who hire us to set up their social media accounts will also receive 60 days of FREE access to our SOCIAL MEDIA TRAINING eBOOTCAMP!


Basic Facebook Page Setup  (2 revisions)  $199

This is the simplest of our Facebook social media marketing packages. A Business Facebook Page needs a a professional look (ie Cover photo and Profile Image) that matches the brand's website look and feel.

Included in this set up is graphic design of a STATIC landing page – this means that our designer create graphics for a “Welcome” page app or “About Us”, (or whatever topic you prefer). We will set you up with an account with one of our preferred Page App developers and create and install your first page app for you. This includes a pre-like page and a post-like page (also known as “fangate”) to engage their customers even more! We will also create a Page App graphic (you know the square icons underneath the cover picture) that will draw attention from your fans. (Note: in the “old” days Facebook had allowed you to select a specific tab that nonfans would see prior to clicking like, now you can still these one of these Page Apps in your Facebook AD campaign, but not as a default page – follow this link to read our take on Page Apps, Why We LOVE them and our Favorite Page App Developers)

(If you want a more advanced and/or interactive Page App, such as Sweepstakes or Contests, consider one of our Social Campaigns)

Twitter Setup/Kick Start $49

Twitter Setup includes: Twitter account registration and account info fill out. We will also create a Custom Background design (to highlight your brand to those that tweet from a PC) and RSS Feed Integration – so that you are automatically tweeting something either from your blog or industry related content.  We will also help you find a few people to follow and secure you at LEAST 100 followers.

Turnaround time: approximately 1 week or less. (We can have the account set up within a day or two, but it will probably take us a few days more to find cool, relevant people to follow and to get them to follow you!)

YouTube Setup/Kick start $99

Description: Youtube Setup includes: Youtube account registration, account information fill out, Youtube ready channel design (2 revisions), and upload of 5 web ready video files. (Please note: that we do NOT make or edit the videos – we do have some REALLY AWESOME video making guru friends though!)

LinkedIn Company Setup $49

Of all our social media marketing packages this is most used by our B2B clients. The LinkedIn Company Setup includes: Company Page Setup/Claim, page info fill out, and RSS Feed integration. (note:  Currently this will only be possible if you have an accessible email address to your company, for example, if your website is advertised as you need to have an email address like  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , this way LinkedIn knows you are a valid owner of the company!)