For years people have asked me if we can grab a cup of coffee and if they can “Pick My Brain” - as much as I love coffee, and as much as I absolutely love to word vomit all my knowledge - I just do not have that much time.

But I totally get it! Being a small business owner is hard- you wear about 3086 hats, and you are spinning twice as many plates.  So let me help you - here are a few ways that you can pick my brain (Disclaimer: I will still word vomit knowledge it will most likely be in written form versus over coffee)


  • Read my blogs. I have written many blog posts on various subjects of marketing, and there is tons of great information hidden in those blogs. Check out my most recent blogs here.

  • *Coming Soon* Participate in my free webinars. I plan on holding free webinars quite frequently. If you want to ensure that you don’t miss one subscribe to my list, and I will notify you each time one becomes available.

  • *Coming Soon* Buy one of my online training programs. I am committed to delivering training that is easy to follow and implement regardless of your experience and knowledge of marketing.

  • Join my SMB Marketing Mastermind Facebook group. I have been part of Facebook business groups before  - and it was annoying because you were so limited in what you can say so as to not sound promotional. (the rule was never to promote yourself - and my rules are different. Yes, part of marketing is promoting yourself. So long as you are not spamming, yes please promote away)

  • Book me as a speaker. Yes, sometimes I will word vomit on stage.  I love to do Lunch&Learns. If you want, I can even try to stand up and give a speech on a subject on which I know nothing.

  • Hire me as a coach. I LOVE coaching and consulting, but I do have limited time available for it. Therefore, I am selective with who I work with and I charge a premium for it. If you think you could benefit from a one-to-one coaching session with me reach out to me.