You want to Do it all yourself... But you dont know how.

Perhaps you are a startup business owner, or you are working a full-time job and trying to build and develop your backup plan on the side. Or maybe you are a non-profit and do not have the extra cash flow to hire us (or any marketing agency) full time.

With our One-on-One coaching programs we will take you by the hand and walk you through our Eight-Step Marketing System. We will teach you everything we do (we just hope you dont want to take our jobs someday!) and why we do it.

Choose the Coaching Package that is right for you

Marketplace Roadmap: Complete Marketing Audit $7595

This is a process that last 6 months. First, we schedule a 1 hour phone or Skype session where we explain our discovery process. We will ask you a TON of questions and assign you homework where you will perform a self analysis.Then we spend two months doing a complete audit of your brand, website, and current social media techniques, as well as the website and social techniques of three of your direct competitors and two of your indirect competitors. During this process we look for weaknesses and opportunities.

You will be given the audit in the form of a report, usually our reports are between 15-30 pages. After you are given the report, we’ll schedule a 1-hour phone call or Skype session to discuss our findings and recommendations so that you know exactly how to proceed.

You will learn

  • The Strength and Weaknesses of your brand, Website & Social Presense
  • The Strenghths and Weaknesses of your Competion's Website & Social Presense
  • What your competition is doing well and how they could improve (showing you where you could "beat them to the punch")
  • Areas where you can create Blue Ocean Opportunities
  • The uniqueness of your selling position
  • How well you know your customer and What type of client brings you the most revenue
  • Discovering your Unique Selling Point
  • How to Sculpt your offerings and create an Irresistible Offer
  • How to Build a Marketing Plan
  • How to create a content strategy moving forward including how to use your multiple social media presences together, i.e.; how your efforts on Twitter and Facebook can also make your blog more effective and efficient.
  • How to build engagement and interaction with customers via your social media efforts.
  • How to increase your content creation with an editorial calendar. This is especially valuable if you have a small social media team that is trying to create content for multiple social media channels.

You will also receive 4 additional months of (30-minute) bi-weekly coaching calls where we will discuss your immediate as well as long term goals and specific tactics that you can use to get there. We can use this time to discuss any specific challenges, such as an unfavorable Yelp review or Tweet, or offline marketing tactics such as appropriate trade shows, or challenges with networking events... This is YOUR time to ask us whatever you need!

How does it work? You can either choose to pay upfront for a 10% discount, or you can choose an installment plan! However, we currently only accept 2 clients a month for this service. CLick one of the "Buy Now" buttons to get started.

Social Media Audit & Strategy Creation $4595

This is also a 6 month strategy and training process. We start by asking you to fill out some worksheets (so that we know your general informartion, like Twitter handle or Facebook URL), we then do a mini-audit then schedule a 1-hour phone session where we will share our generic findings and brainstorm about specific goal which you would like to accomplish. If you have not read our book, "Social Media GPS: A Practical Guide to Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn for the Small Business Owner", we will send you a copy for FREE. (Maybe its our ego - but we think  its a pretty darn good start to getting a handle on how to use Social Media).

This will give you the exact blueprint for what your Social Media Strategy should be.  This service does NOT include implementing the proposed Social Media Strategy. (See our Campaign Management Packages, if you are interested in having outside help implement your social media). We will help you write out an editorial calendar and, if you have a team, learn how to schedule and delegate content creation.

You will learn

  • The big "secret" to why social media works and how you can implement it.
  • What your target market responds and shares
  • What social networks work best for your niche
  • How to avoid wasting time on social media by sticking to business (and not pictures of dogs or your friends babies)
  • How often you need to post on social media sites - and what time of day works best for you.
  • How to take advantage of Facebook "Apps" for businesses (or how to let people BUY directly from your Facebook Page)
  • How to use Facebook Offers (If you are one of the lucky in the beta test group)
  • How to integrate your email marketing with your social strategy
  • How to utilize Pinterest... and to learn if pinterest is appropriate for your business.
  • How to consistently create content (blogs, videos, pictures, and infographics)
  • What is an Infographic why are they so popular
  • The basics of Twitter and why/how it can drive traffic to your website
  • How to create different content (or posts) for the different Social Channels
  • How Twitter users are different than Facebook Users
  • What LinkedIn Groups fit best into your social media strategy

Social Media Strategy Clients also get a 30% Discount on any graphic design or ghost writing services. We want to make sure that we give you all the tools necessary to implement your social strategy. You will also receive 4 additional months of (30-minute) weekly coaching calls where we will discuss your immediate as well as long term goals and specific tactics that you can use to get there. We can use this time to discuss any specific challenges, such as an unfavorable Yelp review or Tweet... This is YOUR time to ask us whatever you need!

Space is limited and is available on a first come first serve basis.

Branding Coaching $2595

This is a two-month audit and like the marketing audit this starts with an hour-long discovery session where our goal is to get you talking about your dreams and goals for your company. We want to get to know the real "you" (and by "you", in this case, we mean your desired brand). Our branding coaching is designed to get you thinking - and to be a mind stretching experience. Its hard and painful at times. We are going to ask you questions tht are going to stump you.

You will learn

  • Who you are... and how to summarize it in 140 characters or less without meaningless jargon
  • How to tell your Company’s Story so that it matters to your target market
  • Speaking of Target Market, we will help you understand who your ideal client really is
  • The difference between an average client and an ideal client
  • What keywords would these "ideal" people search to find your organization/products/services?
  • What makes you different and unique? and if there are Blue Ocean Opportunities
  • If your Logo/Branding Image is properly reflecting what you want to "stand for"

Our Branding Coaching Clients also reviece a 30% discount on graphic and web design services and 15% Discount off Collateral such as Business Cards, Brochures, Post Cards.

Ala Carte Skype or Phone Sessions

Maybe you just have a few questions... Or if you have limited cash flow we can start small. We offer Skype or Phone Consultations in Time-Blocks. You can break up these time blocks into either 30 minute intervals or 1-hour intervals.

5-Hour Time Block: $400

1-Hour : $125

30-Min: $75