Create. Optimize

It used to be that a business HAD to have a website simply to legitimize their existence. While this is still true (yep, we believe that if you’re not online you do not exist). There is SO much more to do with your website than to simply let it sit there.

Marketplace Maven provides bespoke web design and development services. We believe that your website is a lead-generation and multi-media content publishing tool. It gives your organization the ability to build a strong brand online that creates powerful connections with audiences, and drives business growth.

  • Analytics
  • Blog
  • Content Management System (CMS)
  • Copywriting
  • Design
  • Landing pages
  • Lead forms
  • Media room
  • SEO

How Does Web Development Fit into Your Strategy?

Your website does something no physical location can do; it travels to your customer.  In today’s digital world, consumers almost always visit your site first to learn more about you, before they pick up the phone and call, or get in their car and drive.  Remember your website will probably be your customer’s first interaction with your brand. It is the place visitors go to form and validate an opinion about your company – before they decide to take the next step

Once your website design and copywriting are complete, there are significant opportunities to build a more powerful site through search engine optimization, blogging, social media participation, content marketing, online PR and site architecture (e.g. design, lead forms, calls-to-action, landing pages).