Ok - well this is kinda one of those good news /  bad news situations. Except that I do not think it is bad new at all... it is exciting news, but incomplete news... 

"TELL ME .... WHAT IS IT!!!"

OK, OK. Marketplace Maven no longer provides complete turn-key digital marketing agency services. BUT (drum roll please) we (technically, I) are building a new company - kind of like a sister company....

We have a name (no I am not going to tell you yet)... we do not yet have a legal business entity, or office space, or even our own website. So this is pretty ground level start-up stuff going on over here. I am teaming up with a bunch of other freelancers/creatives to form a brand new type of agency. We like to think of ourselves as a "non-agency", we will be establishing ourselves as an employee-owned co-operative (because we are artists and kinda granola/hippie in the share-the-wealth way). 

We believe that if we create a collaborative creative environment (with a completely flat corporate heirarchy) we will be able to offer the same creative services that the "real" ad agencies offer but at a price that is affordable to the small/local business owner. 

So you will be able to hire me and my team to not only to write a  marketing plan for you- but also execute it. We are dying to create fun, creative, status-quo-shattering content.  Of course, ideally our clients will  clients will hire us on retainer to execute the day-to-day tasks/marketing activities that need to happen in accordance of a marketing plan. These marketing activities (which can also be purchased ala carte, or on aper-project basis) include:

  • Marketing Consultation
  • Website development & design
  • Content Strategy / website content architecture
  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design (logo design, collateral design, social media graphics, blog graphics, infographics, custom illustration)
  • Video Production (web, broadcast commercials, animation)
  • Music & Audio Production
  • Social Media Strategic Planning (and training)
  • Copywriting (blog ghostwriting, social media ghostwriting, script writing, ebooks, white papers, ect)
  • Event Management (tradeshows or local community involvement events)