I help businesses connect and communicate to their audience

… and I do 95% of this online. I have a passion for marketing and communications, it’s my favorite soapbox, and social media is my favorite platform.  (Already confused? Read This: Social media is a platform not a strategy) Think of me as a personal trainer for your marketing muscle. (I have been on a fitness kick lately so expect a bunch of related analogies)

So what is marketing? And why would I need a coach?

I know that if you found my website, you can probably look up marketing on Wikipedia – so I will not use any wiki quotes here.  (See: If you provide professional services Stop Citing Wikipedia)

To me, Marketing is an all-encompassing umbrella term (just like ‘fitness’) that describes any aspect of your business that communicates with your business’s audiences …yes, you have more than one audience – your customers, prospects, target market(s), vendors, affiliates (ECT!) So basically, marketing is all about proper communication.

… So Tell me again, Why on earth do I need a coach?

The same reason someone would hire a personal trainer – you have an end goal in mind. You have an idea of where you want your business to be, perhaps you know that you need a website, but you do not know what it should say or look like, or you know that you should be doing something in the social internets but you feel overwhelmed. This is where I can help – let me be your guide.

Areas I can help with:

Branding –

  • who are you (or your business),
  • what do you stand for,
  • who is your target market (if you think it is “anybody who ______” click right here and schedule a 30 min session with me right now!)
  • what make you unique

Graphic Design

  • What type of logo will speak to your audience?
  • What colors should you use on your website (or in your logo)
  • What types of images should you use in your blog/social media posts
  • How to use infographics
  • How to create (branded) memes and quote graphics

Web Design & Development

  • Where to start with a website
  • Do you need to hire a web designer
  • What part of a website can you do yourself
  • How to make your web designer’s life easier
  • How to architect your website so that it communicates your purpose
  • What about Wordpress? Will it help me?

(I do build websites from time to time; however, I accept web design clients on a case by case basis. Why? Because after building a boat load of websites, I discovered most clients struggle with the basics – the architecture, their message, and target audience)

Social Media Marketing

  • What social Channels are best for me?
  • How do I know what/when to post?
  • Should I be blogging? And what should I write about?
  • How do I build an email list?

Building an Integrated Marketing Plan

So you already have the basics – a logo, a website (to which to can ADD content), a unique selling point/proposition, branding guidelines …. Now what? It is time to build out some tactical strategy, a plan of attack as to how/when/where you will get your message out there.

  • How will you use social media channels
  • Build editorial calendar for blogging and social
  • Developing a consistent offer / voice