Logo = first impression

Is your logo dressed to impress? Your logo should not only let prospects know what you do—it should captivate them. Your tagline defines your market niche and communicates your company’s benefits to your target market. Your logo need to be memorable – when you see a “swoosh” or two interlocking “C”’s other you instantly remember Nike and Chanel.  You goal should be to be as recognizable as Nike – but to your Market, If you are a plumber from a small town, you want everyone in town to think of  Your Company  when they see your logo.

Marketplace Maven can help build your brand from the ground up or we can rebrand an outdated, “tired” corporate image, absorbing just the right balance of original features to ensure brand integrity and loyalty.

The Marketplace Maven Process

To create an effective illustrated logo for your company we start with a discovery process, during which we learn about your business and discuss ideas for your identity. Rather than taking a shot in the dark, we choose—in close collaboration with you—an agreed-upon “visual direction.”  We want to know:

  • Your preferred colors
  • Your favorite fonts
  • What shapes to you have in mind – more circular? Or more square? Or maybe you prefer a rhombus?
  • We then give you three different variations of your logo and will revise it from there.