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Rachel Bjerstedt

Rachel Bjerstedt

Rachel founded Marketplace Maven in 2008 after a career in advertising and media sales. Her passion is to help small business owners discover new ways to spread their “word” and create blue oceans. Rachel eats sleeps, and breathes, ideas. New perspectives on familiar challenges invigorate her. When she doesn't have her head buried in Seth Godin's latest book, you might be able to find her behind a camera or a paintbrush.

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Friday, 19 October 2012 21:36

Basic Facebook Page Setup (2 revisions)

This is the simplest of our Facebook social media marketing packages. A Business Facebook Page needs a a professional look (ie Cover photo and Profile Image) that matches the brand's website look and feel.

Included in this set up is graphic design of a STATIC landing page – this means that our designer create graphics for a “Welcome” page app or “About Us”, (or whatever topic you

[Infographic] Social Media Explained (With Coffee)

I was inspired by the viral image of the white board and donut analogy... I wanted to share something prettier than a white board... and I like coffee more than donuts. So here you go!

Wednesday, 05 September 2012 00:20

How Come so few of my fans are seeing my posts?

How Come so few of my fans are seeing my posts?

This is a much longer blog than my normal marketing rants. But I feel the need to pipe in and comment! I hear this all the time from my clients, “No one is commenting”, or “How come my fans are not participating”, or “How come none of my fans can see my posts”…

I am torn on how to respond to this – I think I boiled down to two things, 1) really understanding how Facebook actually

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