Define the Difference & Establish Your Positioning

We believe that the best way to build & grow a small business is to get noticed by your local coBrand positioning and awareness, Business lifecycle stage, Commitment from leadership, Competition strength, Customer base size, Established relationships, Existing content assets, Marketing and technology infrastructure, Marketing team time and capabilities, Organization vision and innovation, Sales staff and systems, Social media reach and engagement, Website and blog strengthmmunity and your target market. If you stand out then you stay top-of-mind and subsequently sell more.

Therefore, you have a choice. Stick to the traditional, safe marketing strategies that you have always known, (You know- the strategies that your competitors are using) or employ our unique approach and combination of inbound marketing tools and our twist on conventional.

The Foundation of a Successful Marketing

Step 1: Clearly define and differentiate your brand.

We believe the foundation for any successful marketing venture absolutely must start with a strong and consistent brand message.

If you your goal is to have your brand reflect “warm and inviting” everything you do - from your printed letterhead, to your business cards, to your website, to your lead generation technique needs to be “warm and inviting”. If you are going to be bold, then BE BOLD. The Key is to BE CONSISTENT

Step 2: Design and deploy a content-driven website.

It used to be that a business HAD to have a website simply to legitimize their existence. While this is still true (yep, we believe that if you’re not online you do not exist). There is SO much more to do with your website than to simply let it sit there.

Your website is a lead-generation and multi-media content publishing tool. It gives your organization the ability to build a strong brand online that creates powerful connections with audiences, and drives business growth.

Once these first two steps have been completed it is then possible to develop a goal-specific objective oriented marketing plan and campaign. We have dubbed ours “Marketplace RoadMap”. We use a combination of inbound marketing strategies as well as conventional interruption marketing. Tactics such as:

Inbound Marketing Tactics

Conventional Marketing Tactics

  • Search Marketing (SEO)
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Sales Kits/Brochures
  • Billboards / Advertising
  • Tradeshows / Sponsorships