Rachel Bjerstedt

Rachel founded Marketplace Maven in 2008 after a career in advertising and media sales. Her passion is to help small business owners discover new ways to spread their “word” and create blue oceans.  (Blue Oceans? Sound Bizarre? Want to know what a Blue Ocean is and why you would want one? Then go check out the Marketplace Maven Website and read through their Marketing Tips) Rachel has an undergraduate degree in Screenwriting and an MBA in Marketing. She is currently working towards her Doctorate in Business Administration and hopes to study small business marketing for her dissertation.

Rachel eats sleeps, and breathes, ideas. New perspectives on familiar challenges invigorate her.  When she doesn’t have her head buried in Seth Godin’s latest book, you might be able to find her behind a camera or a paintbrush.

Olivia Myles

Olivia joined Marketplace Maven as a managing partner in 2011. She has a passion for the juxtaposition of psychology, business, and communication. Olivia’s background in fashion design enables her to truly understand the importance of a first impression and encourages her obsession with brand image. Her approach to marketing is social; the more people know and like you (and your brand) the more they will buy from you.  

Her education background is in business, communications, emerging media and psychology. Her Undergraduate Degree is Interdisciplinary Studies from the University of Texas at Dallas.