Considering the first thing your prospect sees when scanning over your marketing piece is the design of it (not only the eye-catching image on it but the organization of its content as well), having a great design can greatly improve the chance of your marketing piece actually being read.

Graphic designers focus on visual communication and presentation of content. From typography to visual artistry to page layout, the graphic designer works to make your marketing piece readable. Having great content or a sensational offer means nothing if no one reads it or, if poorly designed, no one can understand the flow of the marketing piece. Well-designed collateral also reflects the professionalism and your level of commitment to your business.

Types of things we design:

  • Logos
  • Brochures & Sales Kits
  • Letterhead & Envelopes
  • eBranding (Word, PowerPoint, & Excel templates)
  • Direct Mail & Advertisements
  • Business & Postcards
  • Signs & Banners
  • Books & Magazine Layout (We do eBooks and eMagazines too!)
  • Email & eNewsletter Templates

Frequently Asked Questions about Graphic Design

Why so expensive?

Expensive compared to what? Without proper graphic design you risk an ad or other type of marketing collateral being illegible and uninteresting. How much is catching your prospects attention worth? Yes, we know that you can design online with different internet based print vendors. But this goes back to the question: do you want to Stand out or Blend in?

Why so inexpensive?

We believe in giving you a reasonable rate for graphic design. If you are a start up business or are looking for a redesign of your current image, consider our NEW BUSINESS PACKAGES.

Can I have the same copy designed into different types of ads?

You can definitely produce similar ads using the same design template. However, designing each marketing piece adds its own costs. Some believe that you can just copy and paste text within a template, and it’s just not that easy. Using the same design template can reduce the number of man hours, though, which will effectively reduce your cost.

Do I have to accept the design as given or can I suggest edits?

Of course you can suggest edits. We want you to be happy with your product, and we understand that between conceiving an idea and seeing it discrepancies may arise. However the design choices that we make are deliberate and are made to reflect the brand message that you described to us. That is if your goal is to be bold – then we will use BOLD design aesthetics. If you want to be traditional we will use traditional design aesthetics.

Can I rush my job?

When quoted for a job, you will be given a timeframe for completion. Though we can do our best to deliver a job faster if you need it, this is dependent on the workload our designers already have.

Will the designer use my company colors and logo?

Of course. We will ask your for files that include your logo for assimilation into the marketing piece, and our designers will work off of that color scheme to create a piece reflective our your company’s image.

Do I provide the copy for the ad?

Either you provide the copy or you we can include the copywriting in the quote.