Rachel Bjerstedt

Rachel founded Marketplace Maven in 2008 after a career in advertising and media sales. Her passion is to help small business owners discover new ways to spread their “word” and create blue oceans.  (Blue Oceans? Sound Bizarre? Want to know what a Blue Ocean is and why you would want one? Then go check out the Marketplace Maven Website and read through their Marketing

Considering the first thing your prospect sees when scanning over your marketing piece is the design of it (not only the eye-catching image on it but the organization of its content as well), having a great design can greatly improve the chance of your marketing piece actually being read.

Graphic designers focus on visual communication and presentation of content. From typography to visual

Remember, our goal is to help you find and attract more leads, prospects, and customers.  We consider you  more than “just business” – we take your Business growth & ROI personally. We are not happy unless you are happy- and we know that you will be happy when your business is growing.

Our marketing philosophy centers on disrupting the status quo. We believe that the best way

Full-Service Small Business Marketing

At Marketplace Maven, our goal is to help you find and attract more leads, prospects, and customers.

We do this through Brand Management and Business Development, Web Design, Internet Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media and overall Marketing Strategy.

Marketplace Maven is successful in getting you more customers because our proprietary marketing strategies for small businesses -an

Define the Difference & Establish Your Positioning

We believe that the best way to build & grow a small business is to get noticed by your local coBrand positioning and awareness, Business lifecycle stage, Commitment from leadership, Competition strength, Customer base size, Established relationships, Existing content assets, Marketing and technology infrastructure, Marketing team time